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The Tears Of A Poet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Tears Of Poets...

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~buried underneath~ [Apr. 14th, 2005|01:15 am]
The Tears Of Poets...

silver lining,led behind me
creative venting,self defecating
cultures mix,you get lost
vultures are in need of food,hunger pains them
knowledge of voids to fill,technically forget your mind
literal abstinence,forgiving substance
ultra sober,demon seeds below the earth
touch on the holy,feign the ghost
ever so close to the end,you forget your buried,
buried underneath everything you have become.
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She never sleeps [Apr. 11th, 2005|01:43 am]
The Tears Of Poets...

Wisdom of freedom,does anyone feel free?
Teasing and undeveloped,watch her grow.
Faking the answer,do you call the place you sleep home?
Deviant playing in riddles,naive talk of charity.
Malice is slow in development,shelter me please?
Corrupt the children,so no place is safe.
Call upon your god,watch as he laughs
Taking him for granted is not going to get you anywhere.
Seek more than your gratification,find more than that.
Talk among the poor,talk among the rich
Find out what true happiness is,
Much wiser on your mission,to find love.
Though sometimes people are made to be miserable.
Feigning substance,i see them try to fill them selves with knowledge.
Visit my mind,ill let you get inside.
Become the animal,crawl on all fours.
Succumb to the pain,live out your life in vain.
Rhyme your Rhymes,and rhyme nicely.
Thoughts are meant to be deciphered,fuck you.
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MIDNIGHT [Apr. 11th, 2005|01:41 am]
The Tears Of Poets...

Once or twice I swallowed it all down,
Arrogance,anger,pride,abuse,pain,and tragedy
For what i dont know,
Shamefully looking down always,
Slipping into a coma of numb,
Disrupt the pain,you cant
He stands taller than i,
Looking down he speaks with distain on his tongue,
Away from that,I was still scared
Away from that,I worried what was next
Depending on,holding it inside
My anger has been built,
My sadness has been lifted,hatred
The fear has been taught reactions,
I have felt all that hurt,
Wishing for nothing,I havent been let down
Disrupt the pain,you cant
He stands taller than i,
Call upon the mystery of voids and empty spaces,
Nothings left but you and i,
Sadly i know you arent real,
I stand alone in my moment of decay and frailty,
I sleep calmly at midnight.
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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2005|12:09 am]
The Tears Of Poets...

[mood |lonely"maybe im better off this way"]
[music |a perfect circle]

umm hi i just joined...my name is laura,i post under deadguttergirl and gutter_reality.im posting some of my gutter poetry,but its not that great but it does have much feeling behind it.
so sorry if you hate it.all comments are appreciated.

poetry is the perfume of the soulCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2004|04:47 pm]
The Tears Of Poets...

Hello there, I was searching for communities for dark poetry, and I found this one. It looks friendly...and not confusing like the other ones ya know? So I'm saying hello to jilloffjack and Tasha. My name's Chrissi...15 years old...yeah the basics. I have about 90 poems but not very many are on my account. So it is alright if I post rather quite a few on here? This is the first time I joined a community and it seems so fun...and a great way to meet people with the interest of dark art and poetry. Thanks!

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New here [Nov. 20th, 2004|12:07 pm]
The Tears Of Poets...
hi I'm new here just thought i'd stop in and introduce myself. The name's tasha I'm 17 and from Massachusetts. well that's all I have to say i suppose i must go dye my hair now
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Welcome [Jul. 16th, 2004|09:45 am]
The Tears Of Poets...

[mood |blankblank]

Hello and yes, I am jilloffjack. This community is designed for poets to express themselves. You may post your poetry here or just post anything you want. I hope you like this community and I hope alot of people join. Anyway, have a good day.
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