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hi everyone, i wrote this poem after my bf broke up with me......i… - The Tears Of A Poet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Tears Of Poets...

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[Nov. 22nd, 2005|08:57 am]
The Tears Of Poets...


[mood |depresseddepressed]

hi everyone, i wrote this poem after my bf broke up with me......i hope u like it cuz it rlly means a lot 2 me.

~*Glass Rose*~
shadows stir among the cold nights alone
words bleed together of what was never said but felt
i gave you all of me and you left me with nothing
you never even realized how much i loved you
tainted memories still lingers like a haunting dream
i'll always be there, to never wake up
from the tears of yesturday
the pain delves deep within me, it even hurts
to look in your face,into those teary eyes
you don't want to leave me, but i know you have to
when you left me i thought i could'nt breathe any longer
though im dead inside
you don't even notice that somehow im still here
my presence awaits for you to take ahold of me
and stay forever in your arms, as one
but i know it may never be
my veins split open,poured out all
twist the pain together
strangles me to fight
i lay here as i bleed,to let you know im real
dreary ghosts awakens and whisper to me to just go home
im not wanted here anymore
a crimson rose, so delicate may wither and die by the sorrow
but a glass rose shatters empty promises
and left forever broken
to apreciate the loveliness within its soul,my soul
to never be mended again
and someday you will feel something missing upon yourself
that when i have died here,that someday somehow
i would know maybe you still love me